6. Roads and Roadways

Roads and Roadways:

Town Roads and Roadways are under the Public Works Department.

The Town Foreman with the Public Works Manager work together on maintenance and repairs.

Gary Schmidt - Town Public Works Manager

Bob Mitchell - Town Foreman

White City Traffic Study - December 2015 Prepared by MMM Group 



June 5

Fernwood Bay and Aspen Place

Paving is completed, the detours will be removed on Wednesday June 7th . Regular vehicle traffic can use intersection. As heavy equipment and detour removal vehicles will be in the intersection, School buses are to avoid the area until Thursday June 8th.  School bus pick ups should return to pre-repair routes on Thursday. 

June 5

New Repair - Lott Road East at White City Drive:

A major road repair will start on Lott Road East, on Monday June 5th .  There will be no access to and from Lott Road East at White City Drive. Traffic is to use Emerald Ridge East and Bower Drive or Emerald Hill Drive.

June 5 

Pathway Restoration - Fernwood Park:

The three pathways between residents and the park pathway will be restored starting on Monday, June 5th. Crews and equipment will be in the park area. The play structure will remain open. Please use caution when in the park and do not leave children unattended. 

 June 2

Fernwood Bay and Aspen Place Intersection: 

BLS Contractors urges residents to use detours at Fernwood Bay and Aspen Place intersection until Monday, June 5th . Traffic must not cross onto fresh pavement to ensure the integrity of the project.

May 19

The Town, with the help of local residents at #22 Fernwood Bay and #16 Fernwood Street, is able to create detours to allow local traffic into and out of Fernwood Bay, Aspen Place, and Willow Bay.  This access is via a temporary roadway which will cross over the ditch areas and driveways at #22 Fernwood Bay and #16 Fernwood Street. 

The detour will have to be used by all residents once the contractor closes the road on the morning of Tuesday, May 23rd.  Please be advised that drivers with low clearance vehicles should check the detour prior to using it to ensure their vehicle can navigate the detour.  Drivers using the detour MUST travel at very low speeds to ensure that the integrity of the detour stays in place.  There is still work to be done on the detour which will be completed Tuesday morning prior to the detour route opening Tuesday, May 23rd.

Residents will leave and enter Fernwood Bay to the North only.  Aspen Place and Willow Bay residents are to enter and leave to the South along Fernwood Street.  Kindly remember that there will be times where traffic will be halted and delays will occur.  Inexperienced drivers and larger vehicle may find these detours difficult to traverse.  Please use the detour with caution.

At present, the Town is expecting recycling and waste pick up to occur normally.  In the event that the disposal trucks cannot navigate the detour maintenance will assist with pick-up.  We ask that you please have your bins out prior to 7:00am on pick up days or there is a possibility your bin may not be collected.

School Buses will not be able to navigate the detour and will pick up children from Aspen Place, Willow, Bay and Fernwood Bay on the South side of #24 Fernwood Street where the pathway meets Fernwood Street.

It is strongly advised that residents relocate their RVs, trailers, and boats off their property prior to Tuesday, May 23rd to ensure they have access to them during the construction period. 

Please remember local traffic only and pedestrian/bicycle traffic should avoid the area.  There will be no through fare along Fernwood Street at the repair site.  With the detours, and weather permitting, construction may be completed in 3-4 weeks.



May 18

Thank you to all the residents that came out to the intersection of Fernwood Bay and Aspen Place this evening. The Town is finalizing details with the road construction team and construction will start tomorrow, May 19th . The Town will post an update later in the day, thank you again for your patience and understanding.


May 17, 2017

Additional clarification regarding Fernwood Bay and Aspen Place intersection repairs:

The Town would like to stress that this repair is necessary and residents will be inconvenienced the least possible amount. The Town is working with BLS to have access open the greatest amount of time possible. The Town is requesting residents understand that access will be limited and at certain stages of the repair impassible, the crews are planning to do most of the work between 8 Am and 5 Pm. Equipment and the nature of the repairs will cause some residents to be uncomfortable navigating the corner with larger vehicles, trailers, or inexperience. The Town is wanting to give residents notice and options. Complete road closure will only be when absolutely necessary for the integrity of the repair. However, construction zones are always difficult to maneuver and Emergency Vehicles always have the right of way. The Town encourages residents directly affected by the intersection repair to come out to the site Thursday night, May 18 and meet with Public Works from 5:30 - 7 Pm.


May 16, 2017

Aspen Place, Fernwood Bay, Fernwood Street Residents No. 16-24, and Willow Bay Residents:

Please be advised that major road repair and construction will be starting in your area as soon as Friday, May 19th. Kindly watch the Town’s web page www.whitecity.ca and Facebook for updates.

Residents will need to be patient and courteous to construction workers during construction. Repairs are expected to take approximately 6-8 weeks, weather permitting.

 During construction, there will be no through fare on Fernwood Street. Intersection access will be constricted and at times completely closed. Expect delays. Limited or NO vehicle access to Aspen Place, Willow Bay, or Fernwood Bay will occur.  Residents affected are to park commuter vehicles outside the construction zone and walk in. Parking is available at Wheatland Football Field, and on street along Meadow Road, as well as north of the Fernwood Bay and Aspen Place intersection. Watch for construction vehicles and kindly respect driveways and avoid blocking the road. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic is to avoid the construction area at all times, local resident vehicle (when permitted) and foot traffic only. Remember there is NO parking or driving along the Enbridge right of way.

Gary Schmidt, Public Works Manager will be in the Aspen Place and Fernwood Bay intersection from 5:30 – 7PM on THURSDAY, May 18th to answer questions and advise on traffic flow. (In the event of bad weather, Gary will be at the Town Office, check web page if location is to change.)

The first phase of construction will consist of the removal of the existing asphalt in the construction zone. This could start as early as May 19th , vehicle traffic will be allowed, but expect delays.

The second phase will include culvert replacement. This is expected to start on Tuesday, May 23rd and will include a total road closure on Fernwood Bay and Aspen Place. BLS is expected to have this done between 8 AM and 5 PM.

Starting as early as May 23rd ; Aspen Place, Willow Bay, and Fernwood Bay residents will exit and enter from the north half of the intersection when permissible during the south side repair and then switch during the north side repair. Please see web page map and follow directional arrows.

Garbage and Recycling pick up – Please have bins on street prior to 7:00 am on pick up days, maintenance will assist Loraas with disposal.

All bused school children in the affected area (No. 16,18,20,22, and 24 Fernwood Street, Fernwood Bay, Aspen Place, and Willow Bay) are to meet their buses on the south side of #24 Fernwood Street at where the pathway meets Fernwood Street. Prairie Valley has been informed.

Recreational vehicles, boats, and trailers – It is advised that residents relocate RVs, trailers, and boats off their properties prior to Tuesday, May 23rd to ensure they have access to them during the construction period. The Town nor BLS can guarantee roadway access.


Town of White City