6. Roads and Roadways

Roads and Roadways:

Town Roads and Roadways are under the Public Works Department.

The Town Foreman with the Public Works Manager work together on maintenance and repairs.

Gary Schmidt - Town Public Works Manager

Bob Mitchell - Town Foreman


November 8, 2016 - 11:45 AM

I am very pleased to tell you that the Lott Road upgrade work being done by BLS for 2016 is now completed. A huge thank you to the residents of Lott Road, Fairway, Emerald Creek and Emerald Gate, as this was not an easy process. BLS will continue their work again in Spring of 2017.  

School Bus Drivers are free to adjust their pickup points as per your normal protocol.  

Thanks again.

 October 31, 2016

Construction on Lott Road East continues, for residents accessing Emerald Creek Subdivision you are reminded to use Emerald Gate East there will be no access to Lott Road North of Emerald Creek. For residents accessing/leaving Fairway subdivision you must exit North on to Lott Road East to White City Drive as access to Emerald Creek Subdivision and Emerald Gate East is closed south of Fairway Subdivision.


OCTOBER 17, 2016

Lott Road from Sapphire Drive to White City Drive  will be open and traffic will flow as per normal. Lott Road from Sapphire Drive to the Pipeline Easement ( Walking Path) will also be open. From the pipeline to Fairway will be CLOSED as BLS is starting the  Geo-Grid on this piece later today. Please plan accordingly. Residents at 38,40,42,and 44 Lott Road are to park on the greenspace beside 44 as all other access will be eliminated. Fairway and Emerald Creek residents are to continue to use Emerald Gate. A temporary access road to Fairway will be constructed shortly to access this subdivision when necessary.


September 27 - 4:45PM

Recycling Day - Wednesday September 28th.

Lott Road Residents please have your bins placed on either the South or the  West side of Lott Road before 7AM to ensure they are picked up.  Bins placed on wrong side may be missed and not picked up.

Thank you.


September 26, 2016 - 12 Noon

BLS has started the milling of Lott Road from Jade Place to Sapphire Drive. At this time access from Sapphire Drive to Lott Road is unavailable. Residents living between Jade Place and Sapphire Drive will lose access to their driveways, PLEASE remember to remove all the vehicles you need and use the commuter parking on Jade Place. Work is being done on Jade Place intersection so use the newly constructed temporary access road to gain access to Jade Place ( enter from White City Drive ).

(Sapphire Drive is Closed at Lott Road.)  

September 23, 2016 - 8:40 AM

BLS will start road construction ( including entrance to Jade Place - watch for temporary road) next week ( September 26 ) from Jade Place to Sapphire and South of Sapphire to the walking path/Enbridge right of way. Residents are to use Jade Place for commuter parking  enter from White City Drive. As discussed at the Open House, BLS will be doing some testing of the area south of Sapphire and if it is deemed necessary a larger repair will take place at that time. Continue to respect the barricades, do not drive in the park area, and keep your commuter vehicles on Jade to avoid possible limited access to your home.

Fairway and  Emerald Creek, should continue to use

Emerald Gate East.


September 22, 2016 - 4:35PM

New pavement to Jade Place from White City Drive will be barricaded until the Contractors approve it safe to drive on. Please respect the barricades.

September 21, 2016 - 2:40 PM

Attention Home Owners on Lott Road. If you see green paint on your driveway edge, this means the Town will saw cut the driveway to create a straight edge to match the new asphalt. It is the home owners’ responsibility to protect this strait edge from damage caused by vehicles entering in and out of driveways. 

Reminder to use commuter parking on Jade Place. Lott Road may be oiled as early as September 22, 2016 . No traffic in or out will be allowed once oiling starts.


September 20, 2016 

Lott Road residents please have garbage bins placed on the north and west side of Lott Road for pick-up at 7am on Wednesday, September 21st. 


Update September 14, 2016 - 12:15 PM

All residents must use Sapphire Drive to access Jade Place for overnight commuter parking. Access to Jade Place from Emerald Gate is closed due to the heavy repair occuring between Fairway and Sapphire Drive.

Update September 13, 2016 - 2:00 PM

Attention Lott Road Residents - For Recycling pick up tomorrow please have your bins out before 7Am and if you are on the South side of Lott Road walk your bins to the NORTH side of the road and if you are on the East side of the road move them to the WEST side. Loraas will be picking up carts only on the North and West sides of Lott Road. Thank you.


Updated September 8, 2016 2:35pm

BLS is working on the deep repair from Jade Place and working towards White City Drive. Home Owners plan for no access when deep repair starts possibly as early as this afternoon and throughout the weekend. Ramping will  be constructed to allow for local traffic to enter to Jade Place only. Use Saphire Drive to enter into Jade Place as well.    Remove the vehicles you need and use Jade Place as the commuter parking lot. The Town is given very little notice and once the road is gone it's gone.



September 6, 2016 - 11:00 AM

Reminder to all homes on Lott Road to remove your sprinklers. BLS is starting the deep excavation along 34,36,43, and 45.  No traffic will be allowed on this part of Lott Road during the deep repair. Ramps will be installed when BLS feels it is can be done, home owners will  have no access during this phase. Please plan accordingly. Remove all vehicles you need at this time. As these residents will have to park in the open space on the west and south side of #45 ( in between pathway and evergreens) .

Once BLS is done this portion of the deep repair they will start at Jade Place and work towards White City Drive. Home Owners plan for no access when deep repair starts at Jade and moves down towards White City Drive. This can start as early as Wednesday, September 7th.  Remove the vehicles you need. 

Residents use Emerald Gate.


September 1, 2016 - 1:55 PM

BLS is planning to mill and prep a section of Lott Road at 34, 36,43, and 45. This is the deep repair area noted on the Construction Zone Main Map ( bottom of the page) today, September 1. These residents should park in the open space on the west and south side of #45 ( in between pathway and evergreens). Access to these homes will be limited and expect delays.  

Residents are reminded to use Emerald Gate and expect delays if you are traveling around the affected areas.

Reminder to remove all sprinklers from the ditch area from White City Drive to Emerald Gate East. Large construction equipment cannot stop for sprinklers, BLS may start anywhere along the construction zone at any time. Do not wait for the Town to mention your phase or address, move them or lose them. Thank you.




August 31, 2016 - 1:15 PM

Milling has started White City Drive to Jade Place. Local resident traffic only. Fairway and Emerald Creek residents as well as Lott Road residents from Jade to Fairway  take Emerald Gate East. Total road closure from White City Dr. to Jade Place to start Tuesday, September 6. Overnight commuter parking on Jade Place along inside curve.



August 29, 2016 - 8:15 AM

Reminder to all parents of school age children on Lott Road, Jade Place, and White City 's portion of Sapphire Dr. The school buses will pick up the children on Emerald Ridge at the muster point between 20 and 22 Emerald Ridge (at the end of walking path). This is for student safety. Thank you. Bus Drivers will contact parents as to pick up times.


August 25, 2016 - 11:00 AM

Please be advised the Town of White City has just received this notice from the Rm of Edenwold. Fairway residents please take note that Hogan Drive and the graveled portion of Emerald Park Road between William Albert House and Aspen Village Subdivision will be closed starting Monday August 29 until Friday October 14. Thank you.

Link to Notice



 August 22, 2016 - 3:00 PM


Lott Road Repaving Project Update:

Please check frequently as information could/can change at any time.


Milling of Lott Road is to take place starting on Wednesday, August 24.


Garbage is to be out prior to 7 AM Wednesday, as pick up is scheduled to be before 7AM. Please check this site Tuesday, August 23 for further Garbage pickup instructions. (Possible/pending placement directions)


Tentative FULL road closure for up to 3 weeks at White City Drive to Jade Place starting Friday, August 26. Affecting residents odd – 1-23 and even 4-14 Lott Road. Overnight commuter parking is on Jade Place along inside curve as not disturb Jade Place residents more than necessary.


Thank you.


August 12, 2016:

Lott Road Repaving Project


Things to know:


1)               Construction has been postponed to August 22, 2016. BLS will have crews out the week of the 15th to do final line locates and visual inspections before the project gets fully started.


2)               School Buses will pick up by the three bus routes on Emerald Ridge (see Bus icon on main map). Access will be through Lott Road/ Emerald Ridge Park. School Bus pick up will not change throughout the entire Paving Project this is for the children’s safety.


3)               No RV/Boat/Trailer Parking in the Commuter parking spaces. Commuter Parking is for commuter vehicles only. Non Commuter Vehicles will be towed.


4)               Commuter Parking Spaces will be made available on Jade Place, be respectful to Jade Place residents, do not block driveways.


5)               DO NOT drive in Lott Road/ Emerald Ridge Park, along walking paths, trails, or green spaces.
You will be fined for damages.


6)               On Garbage/Recycling pick up days please put your bins out prior to 7AM on the side of road that is not under repair. Mark your bins or record your bin number to avoid taking the wrong bin.


7)               Absolutely no crossing into Construction Zone, this is for the workers and your safety. Respect the barricades.


8)               Sprinklers, Invisible fences, etc. must be removed from the Town’s ditch area. The Town is not responsible for damage to sprinklers, lines, heads, or other materials left in the ditch area during construction.


9)               Coordinate deliveries around the repair zones.


10)           When Geo-Grid is being installed traffic will be stopped on both sides of the roadway. Roadway may be closed up to 8 hours. See main map for Geo-Grid areas.


11)           Emergency Vehicles will always have access to all Residents.


12)           All reasonable care will be done to repair soft landscaping (grass seed, hydro seeding, or sod) to the ditch area along Lott Road in a timely fashion.

13)           Gary Schmidt will be the Town’s Contact for this project: Office 306-781-2355 ext. 228, cell 306-552-3848, email : gschmidt@whiecity.ca


14)           Town Staff will post to the Town Web Site all information as it becomes available. 

Fairway and Emerald Creek Residents are affected by this project and will be notified when the entrances to the subdivisions will be repaired and are advised to use caution when entering and exiting their subdivisions. (Watch for repair crews and respect the barricades.)

 Construction Zone Main Map


August 3, 2016

Notice to residents of upcoming Information Meeting


You are invited to attend an informational meeting on Thursday, August 11, 2016 at The White City Community Centre 12 Ramm Ave East from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.


The purpose of this meeting is to hear about the Lott Road resurfacing and reconstruction scheduled to occur this summer, and to learn of any disruptions of access or implications for residents.  This project seeks to solve the drainage and surface issues with Lott Road, and address any problems or issues that may arise.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. 


It is of utmost importance that Residents realize that portions of Lott Road may be closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. It is against the Law to cross or remove construction barriers.  All residents are encouraged to plan ahead for these disruptions including but not limited to; deliveries and delayed access to recreational vehicles.


Residents that have sprinkler lines, irrigation, or invisible fences in the ditch area are requested to remove them as to avoid any damage to them. The Town will repair soft landscaping (grass seed, sod, or hydro seeding) only, at the earliest possible time following completed road work.


Road work is estimated to start during the week of AUGUST 15 AND BE COMPLETED WITHIN 90 DAYS WEATHER PERMITTING.


Please join us on Thursday, August 11, 2016 to meet with Town Staff and a representative from BLS Construction to review the LOTT ROAD RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT.


If you have any questions about this informational meeting, please contact Gary Schmidt, at the White City Town Office 306-552-3848 or email at: townoffice@whitecity.ca


I hope to see you on August 11, 2016.





Gary Schmidt

Public Works Manager

Town of White City