5. Sewer

The Town Of White City has started their preventative sewer line cleaning this week  Decemer 1, 2016

Residents should be aware that some folks may experience temporary sewer smells, gurgling in the toilet bowl, splashing of water out of the toilet bowl,  and in some cases a suction of their home service line removing all the water in the toilet bowls and traps within the lower levels of the house.  These occurrences are a normal process, resulting from the high pressure required to scour the sewer lines. Public Works recommends residents to cap or cover basement floor drains to avoid smells, keep all toilet lids closed, and if you do experience suction removing water from your toilets and traps , run water to fill your traps back up, as this is the reason the smell is allowed to enter your home. The Town realizes this may cause temporary issues, but the benefits of a clean properly draining sewer system insures residents of no costly sewer backups, due to line blockages.

 Public Works department is having a scope and clean of the town’s sewer system this fall. At this time Maintenance would like to remind residents of the importance of capping your floor drains and checking/ cleaning your back flow preventers to ensure they are working properly.

A map of the proposed scope and clean area please take the time to look at manholes in your area so you will be aware of where crews will be operating and how you will be affected.

Map of scope and clean area



Sump Pumps & Back Flow Preventers
The Town of White City Public Works Manager, Gary Schmidt, would like to remind residents that SUMP PUMPS/ SUMP PITS are not allowed to drain into the Town's sewer system. Fines of up to $1000.00 may occur. Make sure that your sump pumps are draining safely on to your own yard and watch so you are not causing issues for your neighbors. White City has a natural drainage and it is extremely important to keep the Town's sewer system free of any excessive strain. Back flow preventers are mandatory by building/plumbing code since 1995 and should be checked by a certified plumber yearly. Back flow preventers are the responsibility of the home owner. Back flow preventers prevent the backup of sewer into your home when the Town's sewer system can not keep up to the amount of water draining into the system. The treatment of rain water as sewer costs tax payers thousands of dollars yearly and needs to be addressed by all residents of White City that are not following our Sewer Bylaw #584-14. In the older areas of town that originally had septic tanks, these cleanouts are typically found outside where the septic tank was located, in newer homes they are placed in the basement, contact a certified plumber for repairs or replacements. Valuable information can be found at:


Subject: Video 1: ICLR basement flood maintenance series: Backwater valve maintenance                                                     http://youtu.be/vJN9YKvnIYk



 A sample back flow valve can be seen at the Maintenance shop. Call ahead 306-552-3848