Town of White City Bylaw Registry

Bylaw   No. Description
554-11 ATV: Operation of ATVs Bylaw
443-05 Building Bylaw
601-16 Building Bylaw Amendment
560-12 Business Licenses
600-16 Council Procedure Bylaw
510-08 Curfew Bylaw
265-97 Ditch Maintenance Agreement
441-05 Dogs: Control Dangerous Dogs
546-10 Dogs: License and Prohibit the Running at Large of Dogs
539-10 Emergency: Declaration and Termination of Emergency
470-06 Fire Prevention & Burning Bylaw
414-04 Guns & Firearms: Prohibit the Discharge of Guns or Firearms Within the Town Limits
224-96 Noise Bylaw: To Control & Regulate
393-03 Noise Bylaw, Bylaw to Amend Bylaw 224-96
447-05 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw
580-14 Official Community Plan
448-05 Public Notice Policy
585-14 Parks and Recreation
454-06 Roads: To Prevent the Encumbrance of Roads, Road Allowances, Street, Lanes, Buffer Strips or Public Reserve
152-93 Snowmobiles: Operation of
595-15 Swimming Pools;to regulate the Operation of
582-14 Taxi: License, Control, and Regulate Taxi Drivers,Owners, and Brokers
587-15 Traffic Bylaw; A bylaw to regulate the operation of vehicles within the Town
583-14 Waterworks and Water Supply Bylaw
584-14 Sanitary Sewage Works Bylaw


Zoning Bylaw