The Town of White City has a number of Bylaws and guidelines in place, the purpose of which is to ensure the quiet residential nature of our community, as well as the safety and comfort of our residents. For your benefit and information, the following is a “short list” of those guidelines/bylaws covering the most frequent situations that arise in our community.

The Municipal Government Act grants Council the power to pass bylaws. Bylaws are created as a way to address issues and concerns of the local community. They are created to protect the environment, public health, public safety, or to maintain an orderly appearance in your community and city.

Bylaws are subject to amendment. Citizens should consult the original documents at the Town Office. 

Bylaw Registry


50-80, 393-03, 446-05, 485-07, 491-07, 500-07, 500-01

If you are planning a major construction project (i.e. addition to the residence, building a garage, building a shed, installing a pool, deck, etc.), it would be valuable to read and be aware of the application bylaws and provincial regulations to insure that your project conforms to these guidelines.

Permits and Licensing

Curfew Bylaw



According to our Dog Bylaw 546-10, every owner of a dog over three months old within the Town of White City shall obtain a license from the Town.

Permits and Licensing

Fire Protection

Fire protection within town and in the RM.

48-90, 72-84, 168-94



  • The use of any type of pellet gun, BB gun or firearm within the Town boundaries is PROHIBITED by law! This applies to your yard, as well as parks, reserves, buffer strips, easements, etc.
  • Offenders face confiscation of the weapon and/or a fine.
  • There have been incidents of personal injury and damage to property over the years, accidental or otherwise.
  • PARENTS; make sure your children know and understand these regulations, you are ultimately responsible for their actions.
  • The RCMP supports these regulations and will enforce them on behalf of the Town.

Home Occupations

Regulating businesses and occupations run from the residence. Bylaws 541-10560-12.

Permits and Licensing

No Burning Bylaw


The Town council has implemented a No Burning policy for which we thank you for your anticipated co-operation:

  • Outdoor campfires are allowed
  • Burning leaves and/or industrial waste is NOT ALLOWED.

Noise Bylaw

224-96 & 393-03

  • A bylaw to control and regulate noise in the Town of White City.
  • Domestic noise (i.e. Dogs barking, loud noises causes by radio’s etc.)
  • Motor vehicle noise
  • Noise measurements

Snowmobile & ATVs

152-93, 471-06, 151-93, 472-06, 554-11 

All vehicles which are to be operated on public (or Town) roads must be licensed or insured and all regulations regarding their operation under license must be followed (i.e. operator must be 16 years of age and have a valid operator’s license, insurance).

  • Snowmobiles can only operate off the owner’s property and within Town limits, by the most direct route available in order to operate these snowmobiles outside of the Town boundaries.
  • It is unlawful to operate snowmobiles, mini-bikes, ATVs, “dirt bikes” or go-carts on park lands, public reserves, easements and/or paved roadways. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in a fine and/or confiscation of the vehicle and/or charges being laid against the owner/operator of the vehicle.
  • The RCMP will be enforcing the bylaw and provincial Acts.

There have been incidents of injury and property damage resulting from the careless use of these machines. It is, once again, the PARENT’S responsibility to ensure that our children know, understand and abide by these regulations and the new provincial ATV laws, not only for their safety, but also for the safety and well-being of others in the community. They can be a great source of fun and enjoyment if operated safely and within the established guidelines.


Tree/Fencing Heights

Restriction on corner lots, etc.


Unsightly Premises

447-05, 454-06

The overall image of our community is reflected in the care and attention taken by each of us in landscaping and maintaining our individual properties. Given the large lot sizes in the community, this is rather a major undertaking for all of us!

  • No storage of materials or dumping or refuse is permitted on Town property. This includes parks, reserves, Town easements, lanes (where applicable) and buffer strips.
  • You are not permitted to store or dump materials on an empty lot within the Town. If a resident is found in contravention to this guideline, the Town will have the offending materials removed and the resident will be responsible for any and all charges arising from this action.
  • The Town allows one unlicensed vehicle on the property. Please keep your property tidy by storing all other unlicensed vehicles in your garage, or accessory building.
  • It is not the intention of the Town to restrict what residents do with their spare time, but merely to ensure that the community in general maintains a neat and attractive appearance. In most cases, home-operated businesses in this area do not require stockpiled materials. But, if your hobbies or activities do necessitate outside storage, we ask that you keep the areas neat, clean and consistent with the residential nature of our community.

Video Arcades

Prohibits any video arcade within the Town.



No Street Parking at anytime. Speed limits, truck routes, no parking areas, allowable truck weights, and penalties.




The purpose of this Bylaw is to control the use of land in the Town of White City so as to provide for the amenities of the area and for the health, safety, and general welfare of the inhabitants of the municipality; and to implement the policies of the “Basic Planning Statement”

No development shall hereafter be permitted within the limits of the Town of White city except in the conformity with the provisions of the Bylaw, the Town of White City Basic Planning Statement and The Planning and Development Act 2007.