3. Subdivision and Development

Pursuant to The Planning and Development Act, 2007, (the PDA) “subdivision” means a division of land that will result in the creation of a surface parcel, or the rearrangement of the boundaries or limits of a surface parcel, and includes the removal of a parcel tie that links two or more parcels together so as to prevent those parcels from being individually dealt with in the land registry if the situation involves: 

(a) a legal subdivision (LSD) in a quarter section; 

(b) a parcel linked to another parcel if the parcels: 

(i) were deemed to be one parcel of land pursuant to any former Act;

(ii) are separated by a road or railway plan or a water course; and

(iii) were held under one certificate of title before the implementation of The Land Titles Act, 2000;

(c) a parcel that was required to be consolidated with all or part of another parcel by a certificate of approval issued pursuant to the PDA or any former Act.

 Subdivision approval from the Approving Authority is required:

 To obtain a new title to part of an existing parcel;
 To move an existing property line;
 To divide land into lots and roadways;
 To subdivide property by removing a ‘parcel tie’;
 To separate title to a "legal subdivision" (LSD);
 To secure an interest in part of a parcel for a mortgage, sale or easement;
 To secure an interest for a lease of part of a parcel with a term of 10 or more years.

Subdivision applications submitted to the Community Planning Branch, Ministy of Government Relations, and must contain:

1. a completed Application to Subdivide Land form;
2. a plan of proposed subdivision;*
3. titles to the land being subdivided; AND
4. a payment covering the basic fees.

Incomplete applications are returned unprocessed. During the review of an application,  additional information and fees may be required. A plan of proposed subdivision must be prepared by a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor or Community Planner (see listings in telephone directory Yellow Pages).

Parcel pictures may be accepted in lieu of a plan of proposed subdivision only where it is proposed to remove a parcel tie from linked parcels: separated by a road, railway or water course; containing no buildings or utility lines; having suitable topography; and where no road widening is required.

 Please see the Ministry of Government Relations site for more information.

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