Committees and Boards

Committees and Boards:

The Town of White City has many Committees and Boards that residents are able to become members of. Anyone interested in more information or adding their name to the nominations can call The Town Office at 306-781-2355




Development Appeals Board:
The function of the Development Appeals Board is to hear appeals under various sections of The Planning and Development Act, 2007. Appeals include minor variance, misapplication of the Zoning Bylaws in issuing a development permit, refusal to issue a development permit that would contravene the Zoning Bylaw. The Development Appeals Board is an independent body appointed by Council. Council sets the terms and number of Board Members. At present The White City Development Appeals Board consists of 4 members of our community.

Board of Revision:
The function of this Board is to deal with appeals arising from assessment procedures in accordance with Section 220 of The Municipalities Act. The Board of Revision is a quasi-judicial tribunal appointed by Municipal Council to hear and judge assessment appeals. The Board is composed of at least 3 members. The members are appointed for a period of one year. The Town of White City's Board of Revision consists of three members.

White City Library Board:

White City Parks and Recreation Board:
Is a non-profit organization designed to enhance the recreational opportunities for all members of our community.The volunteer committee overseas funding from the Southeast Connection for Culture, Recreation and Sport, Sask Lotteries, RM of Edenwold, and the Town of White City as well as through our own fundraising. The Board also oversees the publication of the WhiteCity/Emerald Park Community Newsletter and a community directory. The Board has four executive positions as well as representatives from all various groups. Members at Large make up a good portion of the Board. Anyone who is interested in promoting and being involved in local recreational initiatives should feel free to contact and/or join the Board. Meeting sre held monthly.