Traffic Changes at White City Interchange Posted: August 8, 2017

Traffic Changes at White City Interchange.

We are pleased to announce that works at the new interchange at White City have progressed well through the summer months.  This has allowed RBDB to complete a good portion of the interchange as evidenced by the upcoming changes to traffic detailed herein.

On Thursday 10 August, RBDB will open the new overpass at White City to traffic allowing works at the interchange to progress to Phase 2.  The attached sketch details the changes to traffic that will come into effect on Thursday.

As part of this road opening there will be significant changes to traffic including:

  1. The new eastbound ramp from Highway 1 to Highway 48 will be opened to traffic.
  2. The new westbound on ramp taking traffic from Highway 48 to the west (Regina) will be opened to traffic.
  3. Traffic traveling from the northbound Highway 48 to eastbound Highway 1 will use the new overpass and the North Service Road.  Alternatively traffic can use the access to eastbound Highway 1 at Emerald Park.
  4. Westbound Highway 1 to southbound Highway 48 and North Service Road will be diverted via the North Service Road access at Stone Point Road.
  5. The North Service Road between Frank Lake Road and Ladysmith Road will reopen to traffic.
  6. The existing at grade crossing at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 48 will be decommissioned and the temporary traffic signals removed.

Should you have any queries on this traffic switch or any matter related to the Regina Bypass Project please do not hesitate to contact our Information Line at 1-844-679-4828 or alternatively visit our website at

I thank you in advance for your continued patience and cooperation on this matter.


Garrett Doyle. P Eng.

Area 3 Manager