Public Health & Welfare

  • Rabies Information - September 2016 - Higher thannormal numbers of cases reported
  • Tornado Safety Tips - Canadian Red Cross
  • February Newsletter - Fighting the Winter Blues
  • Regina QuAppelle Health Region Food Safety Newsletter
  • Regina QuAppelle Health Region - May 2016 Newsletter
  • Coyotes in the Community - Safety Tips
  • Skunks 101 - information taken from speaking with Wildlife Hotline (242-7177) as well Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture
  • Dealing with Deer and Elk Damage: 
    Click here for the Saskatchewan Enviroment Damage Prevention Information
  • Energy Saving Bulbs Safety Alert
    Please click on the link below to see important safety information regarding the handling of energy saving light bulbs.  

  •  Safety Alert: Energy Saving Light Bulbs

  • Dead Bird Reporting and Disposal :Saskatchewan people have been helpful in reporting dead corvids (crows, ravens, magpies, blue and grey jays) for surveillance of West Nile Virus. Dead corvids will not be picked up by the Town for testing. Please dispose of dead birds in the following manner: Use a shovel or leak-proof gloves to pick up dead bird;Secure it in a double bag and place it in the garbage for transfer to a landfill;Alternately, you can bury the dead bird deep enough in the ground so that it will not be disturbed. 

  • Mosquito Season and the West Nile Virus    Be Aware, Be Prepared West Nile Virus is a mosquito-borne virus that can cause disease in anyone. The risk of becoming seriously ill is low in children but increases with age and with levels of the virus circulating in the mosquito population. West Nile Virus is transmitted to people through bites from infected mosquitoes. The main carriers in Saskatchewan are Culex Tarsalis. What You Can Do; Personal protection and mosquito breeding site reduction will help the risk of West Nile Virus to you and your family.  

      • Wear protective, light-coloured clothing (long-sleeved shirts or jackets; long pants and socks). 
      • Use mosquito netting on strollers to protect infants and toddlers. 
      • Use bug spray  
      • Clean up any source where standing water collects. Wheel barrels, old tires, rain barrels, bird baths, etc. are items that collect standing water.  
      • Remove water that collects on pool covers, turn over wading pools when not in use.  
      • Fill in depressions in lawn areas and cut lawn frequently.  
      • Clean out dense shrubbery where mosquitoes like to breed and rest. 

    For more information on West Nile Virus, including how to safely dispose of dead birds, visit the Saskatchewan Health Website at



  • Reporting Non-Functioning Street Lights


    Please report any street light problems directly to SaskPower at:


    Phone:  1-888-757-6937 or On-line:  There is a link on their home page that takes you to an on-line form. 


    Recycling  :

    The Town of White City will be going to Single Stream Curbside Recycling as of May 1st, 2013.Household garbage and recycling will be picked up on alternating weeks, please see calandar below for schedule.

    click here for 2014 recycling. garbage calandar


    The Town has Community Living Bins located in the Splash Park parking lot.

     Dirt Bikes


    The Town Office continues to receive complaints concerning dirt bikes driven in the town. These bikes cannot be driven on Town property such as lanes, buffer, park areas and in ditch areas.


    Please take the most direct route to get out of town. Please refer to “the All Terrain Vehicles Act ” and Town Bylaw 151-93 and 472-06 , for more information on ATV use in White City.




    Please report any vandalism directly to the RCMP. The Whitebutte Attachment is now open in Emerald Park : 306-781-5050


    Keep your valuables locked and keep an extra eye for suspicious person(s) or vehicles in the area. Any suspicious activities should be reported to the RCMP at 911 immediately.


    Potassium Based Water Softening Products


    We encourage the residents to use a potassium based water softening product to reduce the salt impact on our sewage effluent and the environment. The products are Nature’s Own or Windsor Potassium Chloride products. These products are available in local supermarkets. We appreciate your help to become more environmentally friendly, and help our sewage irrigation system.


    Tree Disease Information:

    The Town cannot pick up diseased trees that are infected with black knot, dutch elm, or bronze leaf disease. Kindly take these to the Regina land fill. The diseased limbs will affect all the trees in the Towns' parks as the mulch is used as winter cover in the parks and green spaces. 

     Dutch Elm Disease Information

    Saskatchewan Dutch Elm Disease Association Fact Sheet   


    Black Knot Disease

    Black Knot disease has been noticed on trees on resident properties in White City and Emerald Park. Black Knot is a fungus disease that looks like a black knot. The fungus is spread by the wind, and the black knot needs to be removed to save your trees and stop it from spreading to other trees. Please check the following web sites for more information.

    Please Check Your Trees as Soon as Possible in the Spring


     Bronze Leaf Disease

    Bronze Leaf disease (BLD) is a fungal disease that impacts various poplar and hybrid tree species, including trembling aspens, Swedish columnar aspens and tower poplars.

    Identifying BLD on your trees/Information pdf.



    Town Payment Options:

    Payment of taxes, utilities, licenses etc. can be paid in one of the following ways:

    Cash; Debit; Cheque - made payable to “Town of White City”

    On-line payments can be made through your bank for property taxes and utilities. Please call for the account number as the one listed on your statement/bill will not work. You may also find your account number above your name on your Tax Notice. If your account number is less than the minimum required numbers from your bank please add a zero to the beginning of your account number.

    We do not accept Credit Card payments.