Mayor Bruce Evans

Bruce and Denise Evans have lived in our community since 1999, first in Emerald Park, and now in White City. Bruce is an independent business man with a wide range of experience in private business management, real estate development and construction and management consulting.

He has worked in the public sector as a senior advisor in areas of municipal government, the environment, and economic development. Denise has worked as a primary grade teacher in McLean for over 20 years. Together, they have raised 4 sons, Jon, Matt, Lee and Bobby.

Bruce has been active in the community, as a General Manager of Emerald Park Golf and Country club, as a coach of several local soccer teams, and as a member of the Board of Directors of TAYSA (Triangle Area Soccer Association).

Bruce also served as moderator of public meetings held to discuss the possible amalgamation of Emerald Park and White City, and gained valuable perspective and insight into issues facing our neighboring communities.

He looks forward to the future of our community, through continued growth and prosperity and by retaining and enhancing our quality of life.