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With more than 10 parks and pathways strategically planted like environmental ninjas in our community, it’s almost impossible not to sneak some exercise and outdoorsiness into your life! Whether you want to rollerblade in Ridgedale, do cartwheels in Confederation or fly a kite in Fernwood, there’s a park in White City for you! The Parks and Recreation Board is a major player working with the Town to beautify and build White City’s green spaces, and we invite everyone near and far to come feel the grass between your toes!


Aspen Park

Size - 8.4 ac Aspen Park is a mid-volume park/open space located in the Wheatland subdivision. Connected to the walkway/trails and has older deciduous trees for cover along the paths. Primary use of Aspen is open space and has no amenities or play structures within the park. One garbage...
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Churchill Park

Size - 0.87 ac Churchill Park is a low volume Pocket Park located in the Bower West Subdivision. Has a park bench and garbage/recycling receptacles. Young spruce evergreen trees have been planted in fall 2016. There are no play structures or amenities in the park, currently sits as open...
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Confederation Park

Size - 4.01 ac Confederation Park is a mid-volume park that is located in the Confederation subdivision. Connected to the main walkways and trails, and has ample open space for any outdoor recreation activity for residents. Within the park and trails there is a small fenced ball diamond...
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Ecole White City School Sports Field


Emerald Ridge Park

Size – 20.89 ac Emerald Ridge is a high-volume neighborhood park centrally located between the Emerald Ridge, Lott Road, Fairway East, Christopher Pace and Emerald Creek subdivisions. The largest of White City’s neighborhood parks, Emerald Ridge has an extensive...
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Fernwood Park

Size - 2.64 ac High volume Neighborhood Park located in the Wheatland Subdivision. Connected to the main walkways and trails, and is one of the primary parks for residents that inhabit the oldest section of White City. Large play structure for youth, and the town’s tennis /...
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Hummingbird Park

Size - 2.23 ac Hummingbird is a small low traffic pocket park located in Kingsmere Park subdivision. Connected to the walkway trails and has two access points for residents. Contains no playground equipment or amenities. Heavily treed with poplar, evergreen and fruit trees making up...
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Jade Park

Size - 0.4 ac Jade Park is a small low volume park/open space located in the Lott Road subdivision. Primary use is open space for residents that reside in the bay of Jade Place. No amenities or play structures in the park. Jade is connected to the walkway/trails but only has 1 access point...
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McKenzie Park

Size - 1.86 ac McKenzie Park is a low volume Pocket Park located in the McKenzie Point and McKenzie Landing subdivisions. Currently, the park sits as open space for our residents with no walkways or trails entering the park. No amenities within the park but there are newer trees planted...
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Ridgedale Park

Size - 2.23 ac Small low traffic pocket park located in Kingsmere Park subdivision Connected to the walkway trails Two access points and contains one swing set and a low maintenance ball diamond Ball diamond is primarily used as a “learn to play” field that is all grass...
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Wheatland Park

Size- 2.84ac Wheatland Park is a low volume Community Park located in the Wheatland Division. Connected to the main walkways and trails. One of the older parks in White City, Wheatland is home to the town’s Football / Soccer field for our residents. The primary affiliated clubs...
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Sports Field Bookings

306-781-2355 ext. 225

White City Sports Fields: We built it, and we know you want to come! From football, soccer and full-contact freeze tag at Wheatland Park and EWCS Sports Field to baseball, softball and good old-fashioned catch at Serbu Field, to the tennis courts, where you can show off your fancy...
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