Skate Park

We are very pleased to announce the newest recreational addition to the community - a Skateboard/BMX Park, located near the Post Office.  Thank you to the Town of White City and the White City & Emerald Park Parks & Recreation Board for funding this project.

To anyone using the Skate Park, it is highly recommended that you use proper safety equipment.  This includes helmets, gloves, kneepads, wrist guards, and proper shoes.  Also, please use care in order to prevent injuries to yourself and/or others.  The Skate Park has been designed for people of all skill levels, so please be courteous to other people using the facility.  Do not proceed down ramps until they are clear of other users.  Watch out for weather conditions such as snow, ice or rain that can affect the ramps and riding surfaces and make them dangerous.  Refrain from smoking, using profanity or fighting.  It is encouraged that parents, especially of younger children, stay to supervise whenever possible.

Please respect the park.  Keep the equipment in good condition and report any damage to the Town of White City, especially if it jeopardizes the safety of park users.  As well, throw away all trash to help keep your Skate Park clean.

It is important to note that personal property is the responsibility of the individual skater or spectator.