City View Skating Club

City View SC is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization whose primary purpose is offering quality skating programming in the communities of Pilot Butte and Emerald Park/White City.  We offer Skate Canada programming for Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate, CanPowerSkate and StarSkate instruction. 

City View Skating Club
2016-17 Skating Season

Saturday and Wednesday PreCanSkate classes are full.  PreCanPower is cancelled due to lack of enrollment.  All other classes still have 1 or 2 spots left.  You may register by email, forms are located below.

Registration Links:
- Placement Guide
- Program Options
- Registration Forms

Skating begins October 1st (Saturday), October 2nd (Sunday) and October 5th (Wednesday).  Full calendar will be sent out to registered skaters as well as posted here prior to skating starting.

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