Elementary Schools

Ecole White City School and Emerald Ridge Elementary serve the communities of White City, Emerald Park and surrounding rural area. These schools have a strong academic focus that includes full academic programs as well as band, dance, drama and computer technology. Ecole White City School offers a variety of extra-curricular offerings including athletics, debate and drama as does Emerald Ridge Elementary.

Ecole White City School​

Box 309, Stn.Main   White City   S4L 5B1​
Ph:  781-2115    Fax:  781-2567​ Email: whitecityschool@pvsd.ca Website:http://www.pvsd.ca/school/whitecity/Pages/default.aspx

School Information

Principal: Mrs. Laurie-Ann Martin
Vice Principal: Mr. Rene Pelletier

30 Kingsmere Ave,
White City, SK S4L 5B1
Phone: (306) 781-2115
Fax: (306) 781-2567
Email: whitecityschool@pvsd.ca
Website: http://www.pvsd.ca/school/whitecity

Mailing Address

Ecole White City School
Box 309 Station Main
White City, SK S4L 5B1

Emerald Ridge Elementary School

15 Motherwell Drive, White City, SK S4L 0C5
Ph:  781-6025    Fax:  781-6026 ​ Email: emeraldridgeschool@pvsd.ca  Website:

School Information

Principal: Bev Bjornson-Kowalchuk
Vice Principal: Sarah Kennedy

Phone: (306) 781-6025
Fax:     (306) 781-6026

Email: emeraldridgeschool@pvsd.ca  
Website: http://www.pvsd.ca/school/emeraldridgeelementary/Pages/default.aspx