School Community Councils

The École White City School Community Council Executive 2016-17

  Acting Chair – Nanette Marquart

Vice Chair - Amber-Lee Case

Treasurer – Tamara Stocker

Secretary – Lorelei Hall & Erin Ferguson


Members at Large – Alison Newman, Kara Lachance, Kelley Rumpel, Tanya Striha


Program Committees


 Chair– Corrinne Schmidt

                Members:  Erin Ferguson, Alison Newman, Rhonda Meena


Room Parent

 Chair– Nanette Marquart

Members:  Kelley Rumpel


Staff Appreciation

 Chair– Amber-Lee Case

Members:  Tanya Romaniuk, Corrinne Schmidt, Lorelei Hall, Erin Ferguson


C-SPAES (Committee on Student Physical Activity & Environmental Stewardship)

 Co-chairs– Lorelei Hall & Jeff Hilchey

                Members: Tanya Romaniuk


Year-End Picnic

 Co-chairs– Sara Cursons & Tanya Romaniuk

                Members:  Erin Ferguson, Jeff Hilchey


Communications Officer – Tanya Striha & Nanette Marquart


The School Council is involved in many programs and special events - we are always looking for parents to get involved. 

If you would like more information,

contact Nanette Marquart (306)761-1882 or


 École White City School Community Council shall share responsibility for the learning success and well-being of all students in École White City School, while encouraging and facilitating parent and community engagement in school planning and improvement processes. 


We will fulfill our mission by:

•       Providing parents and guardians with an opportunity to participate in and enhance their children's educational experience.

•       Providing a forum through which:

- Information and school practices and school board policies can be communicated to parents and guardians and community members.

- Parents’ ideas, recommendations and concerns can be effectively and constructively communicated to the school administration and/or the board. 

•       Organizing activities, programs and events that support a quality educational experience. 

•       Coordinating volunteer and fundraising activities within the school.



 Meetings are held September to June on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm in the School Science Lab.



 All parents are members of the Council and are welcome to attend meetings and/or participate in volunteer activities. This is an excellent way to contribute to the school (community); learn about École White City School; and meet teachers, administrators and other parents. The Council is comprised of a group of voluntary board members.  Your attendance at a meeting does not imply future voluntary commitments.




Emerald Ridge Elementary School Community Council Executive 2016-17

Chairperson – Nicole Rueve

Vice Chairperson - Tricia Slobodian

Secretary - VACANT

Treasurer - Andrea Herberholz

Past Chairperson – Carla Ellert

Communications Officer - VACANT


Appointed Directors:  Laurie Colhoun, Tricia Slobodian, Rona Pipko, Lisa Sali

and Carla Ellert


 Program Committees

Welcome Back/Year End Picnic

Chair: Laurie Colhoun

Co-Chair: Andrea Herberholz

Committee Members: Tara Popil


Room Parent Program

Chair: Laurie Colhoun

Co-Chair: Vacant

Committee Members: Vacant



Chair:  Tricia Slobodian

Co-Chair: Rona Pipko

Committee Members: Vacant


Student Leadership Council (SLC) Parent Representative

Chair: Lynette McGill

Co-Chair: Vacant

Committee Members: Tara Lorenz, Nicole Rueve


Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

Chair: Rona Pipko

Co-Chair: Tricia Slobodian

Committee Members: Tara Lorenz, Nicole Rueve


Year End Volunteer Appreciation

Chair: Nicole Rueve

Co-Chair: Vacant

Committee Members: Vacant


Playground Development

Chair: Lisa Sali

Co-Chair: Vacant

 Committee Members: Laurie Colhoun, Andrea Herberholz, Tara Popil, Tara Lorenz, Lynette McGill



Chair: Rona Pipko

 Co-Chair: Vacant

Committee Members: Vacant


School Start School Supplies

Chair: Carla Ellert

Co-Chair: Lisa Sali

Committee Members: Vacant


Our Community Needs a High School

Chair: Laurie Colhoun

Co-Chair: Vacant

Committee Members: Vacant


The School Council is involved in many programs and special events - we are always

looking for parents to get involved.


If you would like more information, please contact Council Chair,

Nicole Rueve at (306) 761-5035 or email: